Curriculum vitae

Academic career & education:

Post-doctoral positions

   05/2019 -- 04/2021: Ohio State Univerity, USA. Supervised by Gerald Carter. 

   05/2017 -- 04/2020: fellow at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), Panama. Supervised by Rachel Page.

   02/2014 -- 04/2019: Museum für Naturkunde, Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science, Berlin, Germany.                                             Supervised by Frieder Mayer.


   03/2010 -- 01/2014: University of Ulm, Thesis: Effects of habitat fragmentation on movement patterns and population         genetics in frugivorous bats; grade: 1.0 (magna cum laude); supervised by Elisabeth Kalko (deceased), Marco Tschapka &       Manfred Ayasse

Research assistant

   2008 -- 2010: Biodiversity Exploratories

Student of Biology

   09/2002 -- 07/2008: University of Ulm;  diploma in ecology (major), endocrinology & microbiology (minors), grade 1.1             Thesis: Bat community structure and fruit choice of frugivorous bats and tamarins in the Peruvian Amazon; grade 1.0

Abitur (qualification for university entrance)

   09/1992 -- 07/2001: Gymnasium bei St. Anna, Augsburg, Germany

Scholarships and project funding

  2017: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Studies Awards: Joint proposal of Rachel Page (PI), G Carter, S Ripperger, 

               F Mayer; Tracking and manipulating cooperative relationships in vampire bats.

   2015: MfN Innovation fund (Start up funds at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin): Social information transfer and group                      decision making in Neotropical bats.

   2014: MfN Innovation fund: Using miniaturized sensors for analyzing social interactions among fringe-lipped bats. 

   2010 -- 2011: DAAD doctoral scholarship for fieldwork in Costa Rica (12 months)

   2007: DAAD scholarship for fieldwork for the Diploma thesis in Peru (3 months)

   2005 -- 2006: DAAD scholarship for study abroad at the Universidad de Costa Rica (2 semesters)

Academic services:

  Grant reviewing: National Geographics
  Journal reviewing: Acta Chiropterologica, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Biological Conservation, Biotropica,            Biodiversitas, Canadian Journal of Zoology, Current Biology, Diversity, Ecography, EcoHealth, Ecology & Evolution,                  Ecotropica, Folia  Zoologica, Forests, International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation, Journal of Bat Research &          Conservation, Mammalia, Mammal Research, Movement Ecology, PlosOne, PNAS, Tropical Conservation Science,

   Wildlife Biology, Zoosystematics and Evolution